Posted by: Michael | 19/09/2007

Monk, Coltrane, Cape Cod and Brooklyn streets

Somewhat tired today I spent too much time cleaning litter boxes last night. I was expected to go to a Quad party tonight, but my wife is getting home from a business trip tonight so I’m not going. Funny though I thought the party was next week.

I’ve been listening to Monk all morning. I started with Brilliant Corners and I am now listening to the second Riverside album of 15 albums, so this could be an all day project. Listening to monk all morning; its like musical Zen; like a Japanese ink drawing where a single bush stroke implies a whole landscape. Right now he’s solo playing ‘I Should Care’ so there is no bass, drums or sax to fill in the silences. It is the opposite of John Coltrane’s sheets of sounds.

To push a metaphor: Monk is to a Zen master as Coltrane is to a Tantric Buddhist priest.

I am uploading up six images. Three were taken 30 years ago and three recently. Four are of curbs/streets; this is a recurring theme for me. One is of the beach at Cape Cod and the last a dog walk in Brooklyn Heights below the BQE.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Hub Cap


Curb 2

Curb 1

Curb 3

Beach Cape Cod

Dog Walk

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