Posted by: Michael | 18/09/2007

Monday’s post rewritten on Tuesday

So I removed the image I did not like and I am putting up two as a replacement.

Tonight if I get out of work early enough I will go out with my tripod, some T-Max film and shoot some night shots of my neighborhood. This is something I have been thinking about for sometime.

I did go walking but took very few shoots nothing seem kick me into gear. I did hit the Brooklyn Book Fair.

The Book fair was interesting. There seems to be a fair number of poetry magazines published in Brooklyn. My local bookstore, BookCourt was there which please me.

Anyway I decided I dislike image I had on the page and I am uploading TWO new images to make up for the change. One is a picture of Fire Island in the same group as the removed image and the other is a image from about 30 year ago taken on Cape Cod, one of the first vacations my wife and I took – could afford to take. Both were taken on Tri-X with a red filter. The Cape code picture was developed in Rodinal.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Cape Cod Dunes

Fire Island June 2007


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