Posted by: Michael | 15/09/2007

An apology and some genealogy

First, an apology: the image on my first post does not seem to be there. I am not sure what happened. It was there but now seems to have vanished. I might have inadvertently deleted it when uploading the images for the second post. Hopefully I won’t delete yesterday’s images when I upload today’s images.

Today I received a letter from St. Anthony of Padua in Greenpoint. Some new information but I was hoping to find my great grandparents marriage or his brother’s marriage. With lucky it would have told me the parish where they were baptized and therefore where in Ireland the family came from to continue my research. I did find their sister’s marriage but it did not have any information about her baptism. I am not sure where to look for the marriages. I guess I have to try some Williamsburg and LIC churches.

I have just read North River, which is Pete Hamill’s latest book. Hamill was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Park Slope. It was good read, as was his book,A Drinking Life. Pete will be introducing my brother at the Irish Arts Center in NYC in November. My brother will be talking about his book, How the Irish Invented Slang.

I didn’t shoot today. Saturday is usually the day I walk wit h my camera. I watched both the Mets and Yankees lose. Tomorrow I’ll walk instead.

Today’s image is a reflection. I started shooting reflections 30 years ago. In the future I will post my ‘White Castle’ reflection.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]



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