Posted by: Michael | 14/09/2007


What’s a discussion about photography without talking about equipment?

I own a Leica M3, which I have had for 42 years. With the camera, I also bought a 90mm lens. Because this was my only lens for about 5 years, I have become very comfortable with it. I later bought used 21mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses. Still, I love my 90mm.

Last June I bought an old Rollie TLR because I wanted to play with a larger format. I have only shot about 10 rolls of film with it so far; and I have not printed any of shots. In about two weeks I should be back in the darkroom, and I can’t wait to see the difference between the formats.

At this point anyone who knows a little about photography knows I shoot film. I have considered buying a M8 but I fear once I pickup a digital camera I won’t shot film again.

As for film, I usually shot Tri X or Plus X, and lately I have started to use Ilford Pan F and FP4.

Below are another ‘wire’ shot and several Fire Island beach pictures. Several months ago I was given an assignment to do some out of focus pictures. With a rangefinder it is hard to know what you are going to get, so I chickened out and all the pictures are only slightly out of focus looking more like I made an unintentional mistake. So I got mad at myself and when walking the beach throw the camera very far out of focus. I used a red filter on many of the shoots; pushing the contrast.

The picture of the flower in my header was taken with the Rollie on Fire Island.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Fire Island Beach

Red Hook Fence

Fire Island Beach


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