Posted by: Michael | 13/09/2007

First Post

As a first post I thought I would recommend to everyone my brother’s book, How the Irish Invented Slang, published by Counterpunch. It is available at Amazon and your local bookstore; AND already going into its second printing!

Since I am supposed to be talking about photography, I thought I would add one image to get started. For some reason, I have been taking many pictures of telephone and electrical wires in Brooklyn lately. I looked up one day while I was walking and snapped a shot – then took about ten more. This is something I have noticed: I seem to grab onto a subject and keep shooting it – wires in this case, but in the past reflections and fences. Sometimes this helps me start shooting, like priming a pump; sometimes I have to force myself not to shoot the same subject.

I have always wondered if other photographers experience this. At the moment, I must have 30 plus pictures of telephone/electrical wires; below is one of my first.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Telephone Wires


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